Vprosta - the Vital Prostate Supplement

Keeping a low-fat diet lifestyle together with anti-inflammatory formulation is crucial in restoring the prostate health.

VProsta is a propriety formulation which has gone through more than 10 years of on-going research and development that focuses on prostate health. Only ingredients that show promising efficacy are selected into this special formulation.

Prostate enlargement are very common for men about 50 years old. If left untreated, it may lead to prostate cancer. VProsta is a mixture of high anti-inflammatory plant-based extracts which focus on prostate cells. High potency saw palmatto extract coupled with green tea extract , pumpkin seed extract and others, are being formulated in Vprosta for its excellent efficacy for prostate related problems.


Drink sufficient water for better absorption

Due to the natural properties of the ingredients, its colour, flavour and sweetness may vary slightly for every batch

No added sugar in this product.

Vprosta is particularly helpful for the following conditions

frequent urination (day and night) | leaking uring accidentally | difficult to start peeing | straining to pee | sudden urge of urination | weak or slow in urinary stream | feeling of incompolete bladder emptying

Way to consume:

Mix 1 sachet of VProsta into 150ml warm water.
May be blended with your beverage, yogurt or juices.

Mild symptom:
take 1 sachet a day (after breakfast)

Moderate symptom:
take 2 sachets a day (after breakfast and lunch)

Serious symptom:
take 3 sachets a day (after breakfast, lunch and dinner)