Sesamin 600

Enhanced formulation of calcium, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 which provides a powerful triangle link to support not only bone but also heart and vascular health.

Sesamin 600 (Sesame With Kelp Powder Vitamin D3 & K2)

Sesamin-600 is a 100% plant-based calcium supplement that is vegetarian friendly, non-dairy with a high absorption rate which is suitable for all ages. Sesamin-600 utilizes a special mixture of de-oiled sesame powder combined with unpolluted mineral-rich kelp powder, as these kelp can only thrive in an unpolluted environment.

To ensure the optimal absorption and utilization of the natural calcium in Sesamin-600, our formulation also contain Vitamin D3 and natural magnesium extracted from algae and Vitamin K2 derived from natto. Magnesium is another essential mineral needed for calcium absorption and bone formation, where it also suppresses excessive bone turnover in postmenopausal women.


Drink sufficient water for better absorption

Due to the natural properties of the ingredients, its colour, flavour and sweetness may vary slightly for every batch

No added sugar in this product.

Sesamin 600 is helpful for the following conditions

Increase bone mass | prevent osteoporosis | increase children's height | regulate blood pressure | protect cardiac muscles | prevent premensturual depression | balancing alkaline pH environment in the body | maintain healthy body weight

Way to consume:

Mix 1 or 2 sachets of Sesamin-600 into beverage, dish or soup, stir well and enjoy the serving.